Makers Mark to play on trademark red seal

Maker's Mark to play on trademark red seal

Drinks distributor Maxxium UK has tripled marketing spend on Maker's Mark Bourbon as it prepares a first big push on the brand in 2010.

Maxxium will spend GBP1.5m (US$2.2m) to promote Maker's Mark in the UK this year, up from a GBP500,000 spend on the premium Bourbon brand in 2009.

Brand owner Beam Global Spirits & Wine is keen to increase its Bourbon exports and Maxxium is hoping to reach more than 1m consumers in the UK via a Maker's Mark campaign that begins on 24 May.

"By investing heavily in such a high-impact, visual campaign and by working with local artists we will reach our target audience of creative, discerning consumers," said Lee Walker, Maxxium UK brand manager for Maker's Mark.

The distributor is targeting the Shoreditch area of East London with sampling and billboard adverts, emphasising that Maker's Mark is a handmade and premium Bourbon.

The centre of the sampling campaign will be Liverpool St station, but Maxxium is also planning to use a mobile vending machine. Dubbed Maker's + the Machine, the machine will house a bartender who will serve up cocktails to consumers.

"We hope to reach almost 4,500 people with the sampling and we hope that they will go on to tell their friends and the people that they know," said Walker, at a launch event for the campaign in London last night (17 May).