The distribution company Maxxium has invested £1m behind a partnership deal for its Cointreau brand in the UK with the radio station Calssic FM and the newspaper the Independent.

The marketing drive is designed to "re-engage" with core consumers of the brand, the company said in a statement.

The deal incorporates radio advertising, using a contemporary interpretation of the classic Cointreau campaign from the 1970's and 1980's - a theme based on the evolving relationship between a Frenchman and Englishwoman. Cointreau will also feature prominently in the various editions of the Classic FM magazine as well as via their highly popular website

The liqueur brand has also signed a deal with The Independent newspaper, which will result in branding within the Information Guide which appears free in Saturday's paper. The branding will continue throughout July and August with tactical advertising and advertorial strips appearing in the classical music and going out sections of the information guide.

In addition to this, Cointreau will sponsor the evening concerts on Classic FM taking place around the country from July to December 2003, for a second consecutive year.

Maxxium UK senior marketing manager for Cointreau, Phil McLaughlin said: "Our emphasis over the past year has been focussing on re-engaging with core consumers rather than pursuing a strategy of recruiting younger drinkers. As a result we have significantly increased our spending in this area, reinvesting in our partnership with Classic FM and forming a new one with the Independent."