Maxxium UK has launched a new marketing campaign to re-position the Sourz brand as a spirit for cocktails.

The campaign, which is named "Add Some Zing" and begins this month, forms part of Maxxium's GBP4m (US$7m) investment in Sourz in 2008. It follows the launch of a blackcurrant variety and a new bottle design earlier this summer.

Focal points of the promotion will be "Zing City" club nights, to be held at Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol and Manchester this month and targeted at the brand's core market of 21-35 year olds. Consumers purchasing Sourz bottles will have a chance to win tickets.

Sales of Sourz passed the 200,000-case threshold in June this year, up 39 per cent year-on-year, according to Maxxium, which distributes the brand on behalf of Beam Global Spirits & Wine.

Lee Willett, brand manager for Beam Global UK, told journalists in July that Sourz had become a "massive powerhouse" for the group. 

The firm is keen to present Sourz as a mixable spirit, rather than as a straight shooter. It will push recommendations, such as Sourz Apple and cranberry or Sourz Blackcurrant and lemonade, as part of its new marketing drive.