The Famous Grouse has announced a GBP1.5m (US$2.2m) advertising push in the UK for December.

Maxxium UK's campaign for the Scotch whisky brand will consist of three ads starring the Grouse character. The 20-second adverts are entitled A-List, Beautifully Balanced and Perfectly Composed, it announced today (14 November).

"50% of consumers' annual spend on spirits occurs during the Christmas period and, with whisky a festive favourite, it holds incredible profit potential for the trade at this time of year," said Bob Dalrymple, Maxxium UK's senior brand manager for The Famous Grouse.

"December 2007 saw an annual peak for blended Scotch sales and we can look forward to another strong performance in 2008, with our celebrated advertising campaign helping to fuel category momentum and consumer brand awareness."

A-List sees the Famous Grouse "strutting its stuff" on the red carpet, Beautifully Balanced features the Grouse as the bonnet ornament on a 1930s classic car, and Perfectly Composed show the Grouse on a rock in the middle of a heavy Scottish storm.

The ads will be aired throughout the UK on terrestrial and satellite television channels, with an extra emphasis on Scotland, from 1-23 December.