Sauvignon Blanc is among the star performers at Matthew Clark

Sauvignon Blanc is among the star performers at Matthew Clark

UK distributor Matthew Clark has reported double digit growth for year-on-year premium wines sales. Premium still wine sales throughout Matthew Clark’s customer base were up 10.7%.

The company has also added 30 new wines to its portfolio, including two Sauvignon Blancs after the grape variety accounted for 43% of its still white category.

Simon Jerrome, purchasing director of Matthew Clark said: "Our customers are increasingly looking to up their offering of quality wines delivering good value as consumers are not only more willing to trade up but more interested in trying new things. We have new producers from Australia, Argentina, USA, Spain, Hungary, Romania and the UK as well as France, Italy and New Zealand - all selected to fulfil growing customer demand for premium wines."

When asked how the company defines premium, Jerrome said: "Of course categorising wine is always subjective, but here at Matthew Clark, we base it on a balanced combination of provenance, quality and price."

A spokesperson told just-drinks that Matthew Clark’s ‘premium’ category relates to their Wines of Distinction range. Prices in the range start at around GBP6 (US$9.40) and go into the hundreds.