US beverage alcohol distributor The Charmer Sunbelt Group has made two senior sales and marketing appointments.

The company said today (1 September) that it had named Greg Baird as corporate vice president, sales. Baird moves from Reliable Churchill, a wine and spirits distributor and unit of Charmer Sunbelt based in Maryland.

Katherine Nicholls was named as Charmer Sunbelt's corporate vice president, marketing. Charmer Sunbelt's executive vice president of sales & marketing Joe Davolio said: "Katherine will work closely with Greg Baird and our sales teams to develop our marketing capabilities into valuable tools for our selling organisation."

The company also announced two more appointments. Kevin Dunn, president of Washington Wholesale, also takes on Baird's job as president at Reliable Churchill.

Bob Roettger has been promoted to executive vice president, chief finance and operations officer at Reliable Churchill and Washington Wholesale.