Some 56% of Finns have given a positive nod to the lower cost of hard alcohol in the country. However, the survey, published in the country's press found that more than 40% felt that the prices were too low.

Finland introduced a 33% tax cut on alcohol on March 1st. The cut was introduced to put a halt to expected cross-border shopping with neighbouring Estonia, when the East European country joins the EU.

Fnnish state-run drinks retailer Alko said it saw sales of hard liquor in the week following the tax cut jumped 72%.

The week before the cut they had fallen 20%.

In the survey by Finnish daily Iltalehti, nearly 30% of women felt very strongly that alcohol was now too inexpensive, compared with only 14% of men.

Demographically, high-earning men in Uusimaa province were the most supportive of the lower price of liquor.