UK beer company, Scottish Courage, is planning a major relaunch for its lager brand, Kronenbourg 1664. The company will introduce a new recipe for the brand and back the re-launch with a £15m ad campaign. Scottish Courage's goal is to make Kronenbourg 1664 one of the UK's top six beer brands by 2010.

The packaging is also being changed with a new simpler Kronenbourg 1664 label, designed by Paris designer, Landor, being introduced. The blue of the packaging is also being made slightly lighter. The ad campaign, devised by M&C Saatchi, aims to put over a "British view of what the French do well" in a light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek way.

Scottish Courage currently has two beer brands in the top six in Foster's and John Smith's. Kronenbourg is currently the ninth biggest selling beer brand in the UK. The brand, which Scottish Courage parent company, Scottish & Newcastle, acquired from Danone in 2000, currently has 12.4% of the premium lager category. It is well ahead of the next best selling brand, Budweiser, which has 6% of the sector, but Scottish Courage will be focused on gaining ground on the market leader, Stella Artois, which has a massive 32.7% share.