The wine brand, Black Tower, once the best-selling wine in the UK market, is to be re-launched in the summer by UK distributor, Grants of St James's. The German white wine, something of an icon of 1970s design and culture, will be the subject of a £1m advertising campaign with the aim of wooing young drinkers back to the brand. The re-launch is scheduled for June with the ad campaign to follow in September.

A new opaque black bottle and design has been created for Black Tower, which is owned by the German wine group, Kendermann, and the wine inside will no longer be a liebfraumilch blend but be made from a single variety, the rivaner. In addition, two new varieties, a riesling and a pinot noir/dornfelder red, are to be added to the Black Tower range, packaged in clear bottles.

"There will always be a generation who won't drink the brand because it's what their parents drank," said Steve Holt of Grants of St James's. "But young drinkers don't carry that negative baggage. They are willing try a new wine without prejudice. We have a top quality product that will appeal to those who are beginning to enjoy wines."

Despite its image as a fading star, according to Kendermann, Black Tower still boasts sales worth £10m in the UK and is Germany's top-selling exported wine brand.

The Black Tower re-vamp follows makeovers for Blue Nun and Babycham, other brands which had their heyday in the 1970s. Blue Nun, one time liebfraumilch rival to Black Tower, had sales of 6m bottles at its 1970s peak. Since its re-launch, and a £1.5m ad campaign, it has recovered from a low of 960,000 bottles in 1994 to annual sales of 3.6m bottles. Babycham re-launched two years ago and boosted its sales by a third.