Majestic Brands has brought California Cooler back to the US market.

The drink, which was initially launched in 1981 and at its peak sold over 20m cases per year, will return to the US after a 15-year hiatus, the company said yesterday (26 March). California Cooler consists of wine, fruit juice and infused fruit flavours.

"Most wine- and spirit-based beverages switched to malt during the '90s because of taxation and state-to-state shipping restrictions," said Majestic president and CEO Jason Kane. "The new California Cooler, in contrast, will be the only nationally available brand to use real wine and juice as well as infused natural fruit flavours." The drink will be available in Coastal Citrus, Pomegranate Berry, Cranberry Grapefruit and White Peach flavours.

Majestic Brands will initially roll out California Cooler initially to the western half of the US, expanding nationally by May. Packaged in six-packs retailing for around US$7.99, the drink will be available in supermarkets, convenience and liquor stores, with Majestic looking to eventually broaden its distribution to key international markets following its US rollout.