Armagnac Samalens’ Single Salamens

Armagnac Samalens’ Single Salamens

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Armagnac Samalens’ Single Salamens

Category - Spirits, Armagnac, 40% abv

Available - Now

Location - UK and France. In the UK, from Bibendum and in select Nicolas stores. In France, selected on- and off-trade outlets.

Price - 8-year-old GBP28.99 (US$43.90), 12-year-old GBP35.99, 15-year-old GBP44.99 per 70cl bottles

Distribution - In the UK, Bibendum Wine. In France, from Armagnac Samalens direct

The range comprises three age denominations of 8-, 12- and 15-years-old.

All three are produced using wines made with Ugni Blanc grapes and aged in Gascon oak casks.

Founded in 1882, the Maison Samalens is located in Bas-Armagnac, in France.