Magners cider is to get a fresh advertising push in the coming months to further build on booming sales across the UK.

The brand's owner, Irish drinks firm C&C Group, plans to launch a TV ad campaign backed by increased outdoor presence and radio advertising.

Magners volumes have soared 250% in the last six months as C&C completed the roll out of the brand throughout the UK.

The brand has enjoyed rising popularity thanks to its "over ice" proposition. Industry watchers have also suggested that Magners has benefited from consumers switching from RTDs to premium cider.

"Magners has become the 'must-stock' brand of the year," said marketing director Maurice Breen. "We've found that once consumers try Magners for themselves, they quickly add it to their portfolio of long alcoholic drinks and it then becomes a regular drink of choice."

Earlier this month, C&C said it will spend EUR200m (US$254.2m) expanding its cider production facilities in Ireland to meet the booming demand for Magners.