A television advert for Magners cider has been banned by for suggesting the drink can boost confidence and lead to social success.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) upheld a complaint by a member of the public and ruled that the advert breached the code of conduct for the industry.

The advert features a man walking into a pub and a pint of Magners being poured.  The voice-over stated "Magners Draught Cider.  It's the perfect ice breaker. Making sure the conversation flows, in the time it takes to create a cool, crisp pint.  No ice, just pure, premium taste. Magners Draught Cider, time dedicated to you". 

At the end of the ad, the man picks up the pint and turns to talk to a group of friends.

A viewer complained that the ad breached the code by suggesting Magners would boost confidence.

Magners argued that the scene was "typical of any ad where the product was used in a social setting" and said there was "no sexual innuendo" and "no changes in behaviour".

Magners asserted that "It's the perfect ice breaker" was a play on words used to reference the fact that the draught variant of Magners had no ice, unlike the normal pint bottle serving of Magners. 

It said the "no ice" proposition was something that was important for them to communicate in order to address any confusion about it for their consumers.  They argued that the line "Making sure the conversation flows" was a visual pun on the word 'flows' as the apples were shown flowing.

The ASA ruled that the ad must not be broadcast again in its current form.

The watchdog said that, although the visual images did not show excessive drinking, the claims were likely to be understood by viewers to carry the clear implication that drinking Magners could help start a conversation in a social setting and help the conversation flow, thereby leading to the success of a social occasion.