Luctor International has launched a third addition to its Van Gogh vodka line in the US.

The Florida-based company said yesterday (24 March) that its 90% proof Van Gogh Triple Shot Espresso vodka, which has more added caffeine than its Double Espresso variant, is due to roll out across the US next month.

Luctor's founder and president David van de Velde said: "The demand for our espresso flavours developed organically, without advertising or expensive marketing. Espresso and Double Espresso first gained strong bartender support, which then translated to widespread consumer loyalty. Now, with Triple Shot Espresso, consumers have an additional flavour option and we essentially own the coffee-flavoured vodka category."

"Espresso, then Double Espresso first took off in Baltimore, Maryland. Then, strictly advanced by consumer demand, these flavours spread to Virginia, New Jersey, South Carolina and across the east coast. This is truly an underground movement driven by brand loyalists on both sides of the bar," added van de Velde.

Van Gogh Vodka produces flavours including Acai-Blueberry, Banana, Coconut, Pineapple, Pomegranate and Wild Appel vodkas.