GlaxoSmithKline is giving a fresh push to its Lucozade brand in the UK with a campaign aimed at the country's holidaymakers this summer.

The company has spent over GBP2m (US$3.7m) on a campaign advertising the brand on garage forecourts and at motorway service stations throughout the UK.

The country's 24 largest service stations will also play host to what GlaxoSmithKline has dubbed the 'Lucozade Energy Experience'. Consumers will be able to sample the product and invited into a "re-energising" experience capsule, where they will be challenged to win prizes by collecting as many Lucozade Energy balls as possible.

Lucy Colman, brand manager for Lucozade Energy at GlaxoSmithKline said today (7 July): "This will be the first time that Lucozade Energy has been part of a sampling campaign and we hope to reach at least 1m people through this activity."

The recently-launched apple-flavoured Lucozade will also be given prominence in the campaign, Colman added.