GlaxoSmithKline's Lucozade Energy range will be broadened from 3 July with the launch of Lucozade Energy Apple.

The company will use a GBP5.2m (US$9.44m) marketing campaign, nationwide sampling and extensive in-store point-of-sale to promote the new flavour for three months between July and September.

Lucozade Energy brand manager Lucy Colman said: "Lucozade Energy Apple is set to create further interest in the brand and in the soft drinks sector.  Apple has researched extremely well and complements the rest of the Lucozade Energy portfolio.  According to research, after orange, apple is the most liked drink flavour.  With 67% of consumers questioned agreeing that Lucozade Energy Apple is a great idea and 64% saying that they would probably or definitely buy the new flavour, we're confident the new flavour is set to be a major sales success."