Louisville, Kentucky has won US$40,000 and announced the winner in a competition in conjunction with Bushmills Whiskey to search for the Twin City of Bushmills in America.

The monetary prize includes $20,000 for a responsible drinking programme and $20,000 for the advancement of local culture.

The competition was launched as part of a celebration honoring the 400th anniversary of the original license to distill granted to Bushmills, the home of Bushmills Irish Whisky.

Louisville became a finalist with the help of an application explaining why Louisville and Bushmills shared the same four key personality traits: pride of place, hospitality, craftsmanship, humor and wit.

Mayor Jerry Abramson said: "We're excited that Louisville has won the stiff competition to be the twin city of Bushmills. This distinction provides a great opportunity to share with the world Louisville's winning personality, which mixes small-town pride and hospitality with big-city spirit to prove that anything is possible."

Abramson said the mayor's office plans to put the grant money toward Louisville's cultural festivals and toward local responsible drinking programmes.

The cheque will be presented at a press conference on 14 April at Louisville's Metro Hall, where Abramson and Gordon Donoghue, master distiller of Bushmills Irish Whiskey will exchange whiskey barrels, signifying the partnership between Bushmills and Louisville.