Hip-hop entrepreneur Steve Rifkind, founder of the Loud Records label, and veteran drinks executive Ron Urban have joined forces to form a new energy drinks business to be called Loud Beverage Corp.

The Loud Energy Drinks are so far available in two flavours, Classic Mix and Sitrus Stunner. Two further flavours, Grapple Sauce and sugar-free Pomberry Zero, are in the pipeline. The Loud beverages are lightly carbonated.

Rifkind plans to bring his experience in the music business to bear in the drinks world. "We will launch this product market by market in the manner of breaking records," Steve Rifkind said. "In addition to traditional beverage marketing, we utilise radio, DJs, mix tapes, club nights and promotions with non-traditional entertainment and lifestyle accounts. This company's rich musical history has its roots in marketing, and that's the same approach we are taking with Loud Energy Drinks."

The drinks are packaged in a streamlined 12oz can, featuring the well-known Loud logo. To build on the links with the record label, four- and six-packs, styled to resemble a woofer from a speaker and a "boom box", are to be launched by December.

"The key strengths of the product are taste, packaging and marketing," said Ron Urban. "Energy drinks are a huge lifestyle category. We're linking this product with music and the Loud culture to create something a lot more compelling for our target audience."

Local co-promotions are planned with Universal Music Group at retail outlets such as Dimple, Rasputin, Hastings and more than 200 independent retail accounts.

The drinks are already available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, New Mexico, Texas, Atlanta, Memphis and New York City, with distribution in Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania and New Jersey expected to be added within the next month.