Liquor Group Wholesale has added a new sales territory to its business through the acquisition of a statewide liquor distribution operation in the State of Illinois.

The merger, underwritten privately by Vigor Holding Company, brings Alex Chudnovsky of Tastes of the World/Imperial Distributors with his sales and distribution team into the company with a five year stock-vesting plan.

"We are excited about becoming the 32nd state in Liquor Group through this stock vesting programme..." said Chudnovsky "...better to be a party to a merger with a large outfit like Liquor Group which benefits everyone involved than to be left out fending for yourselves as a distributor in only one or two states."

Chudnovsky's operations grossed around US$2.8m in 2008 representing a portfolio of roughly 80 mostly ethnic products.

Earlier this year, Liquor Group Wholesale received the green light for its bailment distribution business model in the US.