The outlook for the US beer industry remains "negative", according to analyst Lehman Brothers, after the publication of ACNielsen data for the four weeks to 9 September.

The data showed that total volumes in the US beer industry were down 4.7% with domestic beer volumes down 6.2%.

Lehman said that SABMiller had "under-performed" in terms of domestic beer sales volumes and the price/mix ratio of its portfolio.

The bank said, however, that Heineken had "outperformed again" in the buoyant import segment with the Dutch brewer's sales in the US being driven by the performance of Heineken Premium Light.

Industry beer sales over the last three months have dipped 2.2% on the corresponding period last year, although in the 12 months to 9 September, beer sales volumes in the US have inched up 0.6%, according to the ACNielsen data.