Such are the revitalising properties of Umbro Hypotonic that since Leeds Rhinos officially signed up the most advanced sports drink in the world earlier this year, the Rhinos haven't lost a game.

Players and coaching staff have been supplied with the revolutionary sports drink, manufactured by Edinburgh-based GoPack Superdrinks under license to Umbro.

Umbro Hypotonic hailed as the first of a new generation of sports drinks, is aimed at fulfilling the needs of genuine sports performers by directly addressing the root cause of fatigue in sport - dehydration. Research has shown that even an hour's gentle exercise can result in sweat or fluid loss approaching two per cent of total bodyweight - enough to cause a 20 per cent reduction in the ability to perform the most basic physical or mental tasks.

David Howes, Managing Director of Leeds Rhinos, explained: "We've witnessed a marked improvement in the players' stamina and performance since we signed up Umbro Hypotonic. After we officially took on the drink back in May, we've kept on winning and we believe that it contributes significantly to our team's success."

Bob Jamieson, Marketing Director for GoPack, said: "Rhino players are already benefiting from the drink's unique 'hypotonic' formula, which promotes the rapid movement of fluid around the body. The drink also provides an energy boost using a starch-based glucose polymer - similar to that used in hospital feeds. By replacing water and energy fast, drinking Umbro Hypotonic allows the Leeds Rhinos' players to perform at their optimum physical and mental level."

Research has revealed that Umbro Hypotonic rehydrates faster than any other type of drink available today. Tests show that hypotonic solutions to be up to 50 per cent more effective in the delivery of fluid than isotonic drinks currently on the market.

Fans will also be able to benefit from Umbro Hypotonic, as it is now available in larger supermarkets and independent stores nationwide.

Umbro Hypotonic has a refreshing orange and pineapple flavour and is made with the finest natural ingredients. The drink is approved by health care providers BUPA, and unlike many other sports and energy drinks available today, it is caffeine free, low in sugar and has no added colourings or artificial flavouring.

Fans of Leeds Rhinos can find out more about Umbro Hypotonic by visiting its website at