• H1 net profits fall by 17.2% to INR1.97bn (US$36.6m)
  • Sales in six months to end of September increase by 15.8% to INR35.86bn
  • Q2 sees net profits leap by 54.6% to INR1.19bn
Tata Global Beverages posted its H1 results yesterday

Tata Global Beverages posted its H1 results yesterday

Tata Global Beverages has hailed its second quarter for rescuing its first-half numbers.

The India-based company, which owns the Himalayan water brand and has a JV with PepsiCo in India, said earlier yesterday (31 October) that its net profits in the three months to the end of September soared by 54.6% to INR1.19bn (US$22.1m). The performance made up for a poor Q1, when net profits came in 83% down year-on-year at INR780m.

Subsequently, net profits for the first six months of Tata's fiscal year came in 17.2% down at INR1.97bn.

Sales in the first half were up by 15.8% to INR35.86bn. Quarter two sales increased similarly, by 14.2% to INR18.61bn.

The company highlighted an improved operating performance and lower finance costs in the second quarter for driving its numbers.

On the innovation front, the firm launched Tata Water Plus, a nutrient water fortified with zinc, in the Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh regions of India in Q2.

“We are happy to announce a strong performance in a challenging market environment, despite commodity cost increases in the tea category," said Harish Bhat, MD & CEO of Tata. "Key markets have performed well, with constant focus on category expansion, innovation and operating efficiencies. Our strategic alliances with PepsiCo and Starbucks have recorded excellent progress."

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