Leading Brands has developed and is readying for launch two new carbonated beverages to add to its portfolio of proprietary brands.

Infinity is a new line of sparkling mountain spring water drawn from the company's own Mount Woodside spring in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. Initially to be sold in three flavours, Natural, Lime and Lemon, in 12oz (355ml) long-neck glass bottles, Infinity contains zero calories, zero carbs and zero sugar.

The brand's packaging, labelling and pricing are focused on consumers who are conscious of calorie and carbohydrate intake, are looking for something healthier than diet soft drinks, but want more than they are getting out of plain bottled water.

Brand X Originals comprise a line-up of five sodas including 'Red Beer', 'Orange Cream', 'Shirley', 'Roy' and 'Swamp Water'. Like Infinity, Brand X Originals will be packaged in a 12oz (355ml) long-neck glass bottle.

The company plans to start shipping both Infinity and Brand X Originals this autumn, with a view to being generally available across Canada for spring 2005.

In a statement, Leading Brands director of marketing Joanne Saunders said: "These new brands are designed to take advantage of our Integrated Distribution System (IDS) and its unique ability to move products directly from our plants to our retail customers, cutting out many of the 'middlemen' necessarily employed by our competitors.

"Our IDS provides us with a lower cost of goods and distribution thereby allowing us to reduce our ultimate selling price to our retail customers. Those cost savings can in turn be passed on to the consumer. Both Infinity and Brand X Originals will move to market this way."

The company also announced that it will release second quarter earnings on Monday (20 September).