Leading Brands, Inc. has announced that Soy(2)O is now available in all 10 Canadian Provinces, 18 US States and Mexico.

The company recently announced that it had joined forces with NSSI, for that subsidiary of Acosta to act as its US natural and specialty food broker. That relationship has quickly borne fruit. The company has also announced that it has secured several new grocery listings for Soy(2)O including Shaw's, Stop and Shop, and Giant of Landover.

Pat Wilson, Senior vice-president of sales for Leading Brands Canada, Inc. and president of the company's US subsidiary said: "Soy(2)O is now available in almost 1000 stores in the US and that number is growing rapidly. It is very important for us in analysing our distribution and listing arrangements to establish profitable relationships for everyone involved: we have approached the introduction of Soy(2)O in just that way."

The company announced that Soy(2)O is also now available in a large national convenience store chain in Mexico.

Matt Hughes, vice-president of sales, US said: "The recent introduction of "Zero Calorie, Zero Carb" Soy(2)O is helping us expand distribution of this great new brand. In many ways, it is drawing the product to the attention of calorie-conscious consumers in addition to those who are primarily attracted to the healthful proposition of soy itself."

In Canada, Soy(2)O is now available in a wide variety of chains, such as Costco East, Metro-Richelieu, Sobey's, North West Company stores, Couche-Tard, Mac's Convenience West and 7-Eleven stores throughout Canada. Jody Christopherson, vice-president of sales, Western Canada added: "Soy(2)O is moving extremely well in the convenience channel, a very pleasant surprise as we didn't know what to expect from outlets that serve a primarily younger demographic. By the end of July, Soy(2)O was in more than 2000 stores across Canada."

The company is looking to continue to expand its distribution and listing base behind the new product.

Soy(2)O is a blend of fruit-flavoured water and natural soy isoflavones.