Leading Brands North America plans to launch its new energy drink by using the video games industry.

The company said yesterday (19 June) that its new energy drink, entitled Stoked, will be launched in 16oz cans in six different flavours. According to the company, the beverage will be made with natural sugars and use a dragon icon within its branding, which will be unveiled and popularised within the video games industry.

Leading Brands chairman and CEO Ralph McRae said: "First, the North American energy drink market continues to explode with annual sales of more than US$4bn last year alone. According to AC Neilsen, the US market is surging ahead at a remarkable 40% or more per annum and in Canada it is growing at more than 70% year over year. Secondly, our timing is perfect as other significant energy drinks move out of the dynamic independent distribution system to the more traditional 'red', 'blue' and beer channels."