Le-Nature's is introducing a line of nutraceutical beverages in single serve, re-closeable PET packaging.

The Pennsylvania-based company, which earlier this month began production at its facility in Arizona, said yesterday (14 August) that the beverages will be available in natural fruit juice, tea or chocolate and coffee flavours.

"Le-Nature's offering will instill confidence and trust in the consumer on the efficacy of the products, while bringing ease of consumption and safety that recloseable unbreakable plastic bottles provide," the company said. "Recloseable bottles will allow older consumers the luxury of consuming the beverages at their own individual pace."

The products will provide FDA-approved nutraceutical levels in the following areas: joint/arthritis pain, mental clarity/antioxidants, digestion and swallowing, and lycopene/vitamin/protein meal replacements.

The company claimed that there are presently no nutraceutical beverages that provide the convenience of single serve that consumers are accustomed to in traditional beverage offerings.