The Vintages division of Ontario's Liquor Control board (LCBO) has reported record sales of C$128m for its end of fiscal 2000-2001.

Boasting an 11% increase above the previous year's sales, the fine wine and premium spirits division of the LCBO has also increased sales by more than 152% in the past five years.

Premium spirits sales grew 7.4%, single malt Scotch whisky rose 19%, Ontario Icewine sales increased by more than 8% and red wines in the C$20-$35 and C$15-$20 price ranges recorded 33% and 28% growth respectively.

Ontario consumers are trading up to higher quality products said Andrew Brandt, chairman of the LCBO.

"This year's performance is particularly impressive when you consider Vintages sales were up 28% the previous year, benefiting from the millennium celebrations," he continued.

Vintages wine market share by country recorded France down 7.2% to 30.2%, the US up by 15.5% to 18.4%, Italy saw a 26.8% increase to 16.4%, Australia up 34.3% to 10.2% and Canada an increase of 14% to 7.3%.