Coca-Cola Co. is on the business end of yet another lawsuit, this time regarding its product loyalty campaign.

Julia Havey, a weight loss instructor and author from St. Louis, is suing the company, claiming that the campaign may encourage children to drink so much Coke that they could die.

The 'My Coke Rewards' programme expires in January, and Havey believes that consumers would need to drink hundreds of Cokes every day to accumulate enough points by that time for high-end prizes.

"We're parents, and this isn't right for our children," Havey said late last week. Her attorney, Albert Watkins, added that winning a free trip to a Los Angeles recording studio from the promotion would require a customer to drink 151 cans of coke a day. "You will die before you can consume all those products," he said.

Coke has dismissed the lawsuit as being "outlandish, frivolous and ridiculous".

"It's regrettable that Mrs. Havey has chosen this avenue to try to sell more books," a spokesperson for the company said.

While Havey's suit does not seek monetary damages, she is asking for a restraining order against Coke and a permanent injunction that would force it to drop the campaign.