Soft-drinks makers are keen to grab a share of Latin Americas high spend

Soft-drinks makers are keen to grab a share of Latin America's high spend

Latin American households spend the highest proportion of disposable income on soft drinks of any worldwide region, a new report has revealed.

In 2011, they spent 4% of their disposable income on beverages such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi compared to a 2% proportion in Eastern Europe, according to Euromonitor International figures released last week. Latin America, it said, should expect more value-added innovation as manufacturers compete for the region's high spend.

The region trails Asia Pacific and Middle East Africa in volume growth rate, but is the fastest growing region by value.

Latin America is the only region to consistently grow value at a faster rate than volume, the report said. The pace of value growth accelerated last year compared to 2010, although volume grew at a slightly slower pace, it said.

Energy drinks, the report also found, were the highest-priced soft drinks in Latin America and the fastest growing.