The latest review of new drinks products has highlighted a juice-heavy energy drink, a controversially-named coffee and some packaging innovations.

Ardea Beverage has launched a canned energy drink in the US, which, it claims, can slow down the absorption of sugar to help curb hunger, thus aiding weight loss. The drink, airforce Renew Nutrasoda, contains vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fibre to support the production of healthy active intestinal bacteria and microflora, and stabilise blood sugar levels. The drink is available in watermelon & blueberry flavour.

Another energy drink has been introduced in the US by BooKoo Beverages. The Jugo variety of BooKoo Energy Drink is touted as being one of the highest-juice-content energy drinks on the market, containing 99% juice. The drink is made with antioxidant-rich fruits such as papaya, white grape, orange, guava and passion fruit.

Meanwhile, Butte Creek Brewing Company has introduced a caffeinated beer in the US market. Mateveza Yerba Mate Ale contains yerba mate extract, a South American plant that is said to be high in caffeine but has a milder taste due to the presence of theobromine, described as a mild, long-lasting stimulant.

Also containing yerba mate extract is Meth Coffee, recently released in the US by a company of the same name. The coffee is available in ground and whole bean varieties and is marketed as a high caffeine beverage that provides a buzz and cocoa-tobacco finish.

Turning to packaging innovations, Kirin Beverage has introduced the Kirin Namacha Gyokuro 100% Panda Cha range of green tea in cans. The RTD, now available in Japan, contains an easy-open pull tab, which is said to meet the Universal Design standards of packaging for the elderly or infirm.

Pittsburgh Brewing Company has also introduced a new style of drinks packaging, designed to promote a more upscale image for its Augustiner Lager. The lager has been packaged in the Tailgater bottle, an aluminium bottle shaped in an ergonomic way using Aluminex technology. The brand's logo is also printed on the bottle in ink which glows under ultraviolet light.

These drinks all feature on Datamonitor's Productscan Online NPD database.