Slovenia's leading brewer Pivovarna Lasko has reportedly shown an interest in a tie-up with Serbian beer maker Pivara MB.
"Pivovarna Lasko is interested in a tie-up with MB brewery, which is one of the more modern breweries in this region and in Europe, but at the moment there is no concrete agreement," Jure Struc, Pivovarna Lasko's public relations officer, told the SeeNews agency yesterday (18 April). However, Struc gave no more details of the kind of alliance being considered.
Slovenian newspaper Finance had suggested Pivovarna Lasko was close to buying a stake in Pivara MB from the Serbian beer and retail group Rodic MB.
The report follows the news last week that Slovenia's leading retailer Mercator, in which Lasko owns an 18% stake, had signed a letter of intent to form a strategic alliance with Rodic MB.