Lakeport Brewing Income Fund, the Ontario-based brewer, has launched redesigned packaging for its Lakeport Honey Lager, Lakeport Pilsener and Lakeport Light.

The new design retains the colours and overall look of the original packaging but the Lakeport name is now featured more prominently. Changes have also been made to reinforce Lakeport's quality message, the company said.
"Over the past few years, Lakeport has built tremendous brand equity with its Lakeport family of brands," said Lakeland president George Croft. "By redesigning the packaging to include bold, bright graphics drinkers will not only recognise their favourite Lakeport brands, but applaud the makeover."
A pioneer of the "24 for C$24" value segment, Lakeport Brewing Income Fund focuses on producing value-priced quality beer for the Ontario take-home market.