Labatt Brewing Co. retirees have taken legal action against the company capping healthcare benefits, according to reports.

Yesterday (27 June) retirees of Labatt filed a class-action lawsuit, in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, alleging breach of contract after nearly 1,000 retirees' healthcare benefits were set to a limit of C$50,000 (US$46,917) per person for life.

A spokesperson for Labatt told The Toronto Star: "Our top priority is to provide benefits that give fair and optimal coverage for everyone, while at the same time managing our costs for the future."

The healthcare benefits cover of prescription drugs, out-of-country health-care costs, private nursing and specific treatments not covered by government programs, one Labatt retiree told the Canadian newspaper.

Labatt's parent company, AmBev, is also reportedly named in the suit.