Labatt Breweries, of Canada, based in Toronto, has publicly blasted its main advertising agency, Ammirati Puris, telling it to shape up or another team will gain its business.

In an unusually open attack on a contracted business partner, vice-president of marketing for Labatt Charles Oliver said that his company expected better value for their money from the ad company.

In an interview with Toronto's Globe and Mail, he said: "We think we are paying an awful lot of money for what's coming out the other end. I'm not really interested in using my brands as a training ground and that's what has happened in the past."

Labatt's grumble with Ammirati Puris has much to do with the company's high turnover rate recently. Oliver said that he wants top creative minds working on their account and is becoming impatient with the ad agency's slow pace of hiring experienced senior talent.

The vice-president also said that he was asking for more efficiency from other companies that contribute to Labatt's marketing, such as Palmer Jarvis DDB, the creators of ads for Budweiser and Bud Light, and promotional shops such as Mosaic Marketing.

Meanwhile, Labatt appears to be wasting no time in wanting action from Amminati Puris. "We're not going to drag this out," said Oliver. "We want to see some creative thinking applied, and hopefully that will happen early next week."

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