Canada's Labatt Breweries believes a focus on authenticity will help Brazilian beer Brahma succeed as its goes nationwide this week.

Labatt, the Canadian arm of brewing giant InBev, has rolled out Brahma throughout the country after a period of test marketing last year. A Labatt spokesperson told just-drinks today (22 March) that the brewer would succeed where rival brewer Molson failed after it launched Brazilian brand Bavaria six years ago.

Molson is understood to have delisted Bavaria at the beginning of this year after the brand failed to take off in Canada.

"We've looked at the brand from a more authentic stand-point and we've test-marketed the product with the right consumers," the Labatt spokesperson said.

"We've done it properly; we've gone after the grass-roots, Brazilian and Portuguese communities here in Canada instead of communicating very flashy beaches and carnivals. We're going after the real Brazil."

The spokesperson added that Brahma would benefit from rising demand among Canadian beer drinkers for imported and speciality beers, a segment in which Labatt already sells brands including Stella Artois.

Labatt launched Brahma in the Canadian province of Alberta last year as part of InBev's global launch of the brand. Brahma is one of InBev's four global flagship brews, alongside Stella Artois, Beck's and Leffe.