UK-based absinthe producer La Fée has expanded its range with two ultra-premium products, which are to be launched in early 2007.

La Fée X.S Suisse and X.S Française are two wine-based absinthes produced at locations closely associated with the history of absinthe. The products come from Couvet, in the Val-de-Travers region of Switzerland, where absinthe production began in 1792, and Pontarlier, France, the birthplace of French absinthe.

Classified as bitters under EU regulations, La Fée X.S Suisse and X.S Française contain 300% more wormwood than La Fée's two existing products, La Fée Parisienne and La Fée Bohemian, and are priced at GBP60-65 (US$117-127).