Click through to view the new Parisienne bottle

Click through to view the new Parisienne bottle

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UK-based absinthe producer La Fée has relaunched its new recipe Absinthe Parisienne in a bottle coated with a UV inhibitor.

The bottle protects the “fragile spirit” from sunlight during storage and when on shelves, La Fée said last week. It also features a new hot-foil label to back the relaunched Parisienne, which rolled out in the UK from 1 July.

A company spokesperson told just-drinks the re-formulated recipe uses 60% more wormwood in the distillation process and “all-natural” ingredients compared to the original Parisienne, which was launched in 2000. The new Parisienne will roll out in the US and France "before the end of the year", the spokesperson added.

La Fée co-founder George Rowley said: "We're thrilled to have evolved Parisienne to the next level - a standard we would like to see across the premium absinthe category - and developed a UV protective bottle to protect the fragile spirit."

Parisienne will be shipped alongside La Fée's Absinthe Blanche, which was unveiled last year.

Earlier this year, a bid to define absinthe within the European Union was rejected by MEPs