KWL Enterprises Go NSyde Butterfly

KWL Enterprises' Go N'Syde Butterfly

KWL Enterprises' Go N'Syde Butterfly, 40/40

Category - Soft drinks, tea-based 

Available - 1 June

Location - US, Walgreen's nation-wide and in New York metro area Duane Reade stores

Price - SRP of US$1.99 per 473ml bottle

KWL Enterprises has launched in the US an extension to its Go N'Syde tea-based beverage in partnership with singers Mariah Carey and Jay-Z

Go N'Syde Butterfly (Carey) and 40/40 (Jay-Z) feature “augmented reality” packaging that allows consumers with a smart phone to access exclusive content from the singers such at behind-the-scenes video. The collaboration includes a “multi-million dollar” campaign and commercial using Carey's song "Thirsty" from her new album.

The 40/40 drink is described as "a tea beverage inspired by New York’s one and only 40/40 Club", while Butterfly is described as “a melodic beverage inspired by the magic of Mariah Carey”.

KWL Enterprises, which is owned by former Def Jam Records CEO Kevin Liles, launched Go N'Syde last autumn.

In January, Beam Inc took co-ownership of Justin Timberlake's Tequila brand 901, re-naming it Sauza 901.