Eight years after its successful launch into the UK market and its phenomenal growth to become South Africa's leading seller there, Kumala has launched in its home country.

The six single varietal and vineyard wines in the range, from family-owned Western Wines from the UK, will be made available through leading restaurants, hotels and wine shops, many of which were visited by the vast numbers of tourists to the country.

Kumala was launched in the UK in 1995 and grew from 36,250 cases in 1996 to 2m cases last year, making it the fourth largest seller there.

Local director of operations, James Reid, said: "Kumala took off like a rocket in the UK. We focussed on the export market first. We reached the point where we asked, how South African can we be if our brands are not available on the local market? To enhance the credibility of the brand, we realised we must grow its strength at home."