The founder of packaging and bottling systems manufacturer Krones has died, aged 85.

Dr Hermann Kronseder, who worked at the group’s headquarters in Neutrabling, died in his own home near Regensburg on 9 July.

From a family of craftsmen in the Upper Palatinate, Kronseder served an apprenticeship in the late 1930s as an aircraft production mechanic at the Messerschmitt company, before setting up his own company - a “craft enterprise for making electrically-powered machines” - in 1951.

In the 1960s, Krones’ turnover doubled every three years on average. In the 1970s, additional plants were built in the Upper Palatinate and the firm began to produce bottle fillers.

Around 54% of Krones' stock is owned by the Kronseder family. Kronseder had transferred the majority holding to his sons back in the 1980's.