Koa Organic Beverages has launched a Kickstarter campaign in a bid to boost production of its “organic” water.

The Dallas-based group is looking to raise US$50,000 via the crowd-funding website in the next month, in order to launch into new US markets. Koa Organic Water is currently sold in boutique hotels, day spas, and yoga and pilates studios in the Dallas area for US$4.99 a bottle 

The brand is made from a blend of nine fruit and vegetable juices and is calorie- and sugar-free, according to Koa.  

"People have told us that they have been searching for a healthy, natural and sugar-free juice,” said Koa's president & CEO, Adam Louras. “At Koa, we're proud of the work we've done to create a unique alternative to both drinking water and juice products.” 

In Australia last week, six bottled water suppliers agreed to drop the term 'organic' from their brand names after the country's consumer watchdog said the term is “misleading” for water.