Kirin owns a majority stake in Myanmar Brewery

Kirin owns a majority stake in Myanmar Brewery

Kirin is to increase capacity at its Myanmar brewery by more than 10% as the country's growing economy boosts consumer demand, according to a report.

The Japanese brewer, which owns a majority stake in Myanmar Brewery, said it will spend hundreds of millions of yen on fermentation tanks at the Yangon plant, Nikkei reported this month. The equipment is expected to be in place by the end of the year and boost capacity of the company's Myanmar Beer from 200,000 kilolitres to 230,000.

Nikkei said Myanmar Brewery sold 220,000kl last year, and took an 80% market share. Myanmar's beer market has reportedly doubled sales in the past three years.

A number of international beverage producers have entered the Myanmar market after the loosening of trade restrictions in 2012. Carlsberg formed a JV in the country the following year, with Heineken, PepsiCo and The Coca-Cola Co also opening operations

Despite the growing market, it hasn't been all plain sailing for the companies. In January, Carlsberg was forced to change the Myanmar translation of its Tuborg brand name after complaints it clashed with a popular local song.