Kingway Brewery Holdings has voluntarily suspended trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange, pending an unspecified announcement.

Kingway said today (20 January) that its shares ceased trading on the exchange at 1330 local time. It said the suspension comes ahead of "an announcement which is price sensitive in nature".

The Chinese brewer, which is controlled by the privately-held GDH group, did not comment further. In August, Kingway reported an 84% drop in half-year net profits, to CNY1.46m (US$0.23m), although net sales increased by 14% as China's beer market continued to expand. 

Also last year, SABMiller's joint-venture in China, CR Snow Breweries, almost acquired a 21% stake in Kingway from Asia Pacific Beverages, but the deal was vetoed by GDH, which bought up the stake itself.