Click through to view the new Kestrel Lager

Click through to view the new Kestrel Lager

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Kestrel Brewing Co, the new company of former Well's and Young MD Nigel McNally, has relaunched Kestrel Lager in the UK with a lower alcohol strength.

The brand, which McNally bought from Scottish & Newcastle last year, is back on UK shelves this month with a 5% abv, Kestrel Brewing said late last week. This will be followed by the roll-out of a 4% abv pilsner, a 2.8% abv lager next month and a non-alcohol version available in the summer, a Kestrel Brewing spokesperson told just-drinks. 

A 50cl “share can” version of the original 9% abv Kestrel has also been launched and is available now, the spokesperson said.

The Kestrel range will be produced in Glasgow and distributed by McNally's Brookfield Drinks.

The spokesperson said a 3.2% Kestrel pilsner was removed from the market in 2003. Kestrel Export is also no longer available.