Jackson Wine Estates International is using its sponsorship of a UK tennis tournament to update the label for its Collage range.

The company, the international arm of Californian wine group Kendall-Jackson is an associate sponsor of the BlackRock Masters, which takes place at the Royal Albert Hall in London from 5-10 December. The event attracts the likes of John McEnroe, Pat Cash and Henri Leconte to the capital.

The event will coincide with the release of a new label for its Collage brand, which will be the house wine served in each of the Royal Albert Hall's public bars for the week-long event. The updated label will provide a more contemporary look for the range, the company said late last week.

"The aim is to give Collage a sharper, fresher, cleaner look with a label that focuses on just the most important aspects of the wine - name, country of origin and varietal," said JWE International's European market development leader, Peter Ferguson.

"We are delighted to launch the new label during the Masters, its presence at this electrifying tournament is a perfect match for Kendall-Jackson in the UK."