A new soft drink, marketed as the World's first "anti-energy drink" is now available in the US.

Malava Beverages announced yesterday (21 December) that Malava Relax, a juice drink enhanced with a herbal root called Kava, is on sale in California and Texas.

The drink came about after founder Steve Schneider tried a drink made from Kava root in Fiji. The relaxing sensation prompted Schneider to team up with Ray Maher, who had a hand in the launch of Snapple, to experiment with different flavours to make a Kava-based beverage.

"We decided to launch Malava Relax because the US beverage business is growing dramatically, and we saw an enormous opportunity to launch a Kava-based category in this market," said Schneider. The drink provides a sense of calm and clarity without loss of focus, Schneider claimed.

Malava Relax is available in orange-mango, pink lemonade and caffeine-free brewed black tea flavours. Malava Relax Lite, sweetened with sucralose, is available in cranberry-grapefruit, sangria and orange citrus. The drinks will retail at US$1.89 for a 16.9 oz. Bottle.

Schneider is hoping to increase coverage of the drink in the US, particulalry in south-western states and New York.