The Indian state of Karnataka is in the process of implementing a new draft wine policy that will de-link wine from spirits.

The current regulations in India treat wine, spirits and beer in a similar fashion, meaning that wine is sold from licensed outlets which are far and few in number and not easily accessible. The process of obtaining a license to sell wine and spirits is also capital intensive and full of hurdles.

However, once the policy comes into force in Karnataka, wine can be sold in retail outlets, hotels, supermarkets and grocery stores. Karnataka will be the second state - after Maharashtra - to implement the new wine policy.

"Allowing wine to be sold from normal retail outlets will be a tremendous boost for the industry," Kapil Grover, MD of Indian wine group Grover Vineyards, said. "With the entry of Wal-Mart and Reliance in the organized retail segment, wine outlets will grow manifold in number, (representing) a huge opportunity for the industry."