Late last month, the 14th annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition took place. Late last week, the list of Best in Show awards were released. Here is the second and final part of the full list of winners.

  • Best Extra-Aged Añejo Tequila - Cazadores Extra Añejo Tequila
  • Best Mezcal - Mezcal Ibá Joven Artesanal 55 Mezcal
  • Best Other White Spirit - Mozart Dry Chocolate Spirit
  • Best Small Batch Bourbon - Black Saddle 12 Year Old
  • Best Single Barrel Bourbon <11 Years - Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Best Single Barrel Bourbon >11 Years/Best Bourbon - Four Roses Private Selection Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Best Special Barrel Finish Bourbon - Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon
  • Best Craft Distiller Whiskey - Balcones Fifth Anniversary Straight Malt I
  • Best American Rye Whiskey - Lock Stock and Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey Aged 13 Years
  • Best Canadian Whisky - J.P. Wiser’s 18 Year Old
  • Best Other Whiskey - Warenghem Armorik Whisky Double Maturation
  • Best Irish Whiskey - Redbreast 15 Year Old
  • Best Blended Scotch up to 15 Yrs - Johnnie Walker Double Black Label
  • Best Blended Scotch 16 Yrs & Older/Best Blended Scotch - The Classic Cask Rare Scotch Whisky
  • Best Distiller's Single Malt Scotch up to 12 Yrs - Deanston 12 Year Old
  • Best Distiller's Single Malt Scotch 13-19 Yrs - Lagavulin 16 Year Old
  • Best Distiller's Single Malt Scotch (No Age Statement) - Ardbeg Single Malt Scotch Uigeadail
  • Best Blended Malt Whisky - Wemyss Malts 12 Year Old Scotch The Hive
  • Best Cognac VSOP - Louis Royer Cognac Force 53 VSOP
  • Best Cognac XO - Comandon Cognac XO Favorite
  • Best Cognac Extra-Aged/Best Cognac - Louis Royer Cognac Extra Grande Champagne
  • Best Grappa - Le Giare Gewürztraminer Grappa Affinata
  • Best Nut Liqueur - Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur
  • Best Cream Liqueur - Caruva Horchata
  • Best Other Liqueur - Rives Caramel Liquor with Vodka
  • Best Ouzo - Pilavas Ouzo Nektar
  • Best Speciality Cocktail Mixer - Ballast Point Mai Tai Mix

Part one of this list can be found here.

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