This weeks top reports in just-drinks research store

This week's top reports in just-drinks' research store

Here's a run-down of some of the top research reports currently available in the just-drinks research store:


New Product Developments in Alcoholic Drinks: A Marketer's Guide to the Galaxy of Innovation

Innovation in the alcoholic drinks market is accelerating and becoming more crucial than ever. This report explores key issues and trends, and provides a view of the industry’s short- to medium-term future.

Legislation in Alcoholic Drinks: Restrictive Practices Vs Free-Trade Opportunities

This report examines the key trends, developments and opportunities impacting and driving the alcohol drinks category under different legislative and regulatory measures, at both country and international level.


2012 Carbonated Soft Drinks in the U.S.

This study of the CSD category examines trends and top companies' strategies, providing up-to-date statistics and detailed analysis of leading brands, packaging, channels of distribution, regional markets, pricing, demographics, advertising and five-year growth projections.

More Than Meets the Eye: The World of Concentrates

Concentrates are often overlooked as a category, yet they have massive potential. This report looks at the continuing development of this most versatile (and portable) of soft drinks categories.


The world’s top-performing spirits brands

This is the second edition of our popular ranking of the world's leading spirits brands. This year compares each brand's position with last year and includes some surprising movers and shakers.

The IWSR Global Premium Report 2012

This report is an in-depth analysis of the premium-and-above Champagne and spirits market. The report highlights and explains key trends across the premium market and provides background information to the data.


Consumer and Innovation Trends in Wine

This brief outlines the most important consumer and product trends impacting the wine category globally. Consumer insight analysis covering 18 countries highlights the key attitudes and behaviours that drive consumers’ wine preferences.

Consumer and Innovation Trends in Hot Drinks

This report looks at where innovation is occurring in hot drinks and what some of the potential opportunities and key considerations are for hot drink manufacturers. Case studies and numerous product examples appear throughout the brief.