This weeks top reports in just-drinks research store

This week's top reports in just-drinks' research store

Here's a run-down of some of the top research reports currently available in the just-drinks research store:

This report presents historic and forecast spirits consumption volumes and value at market and category level in China, as well as brand share, prices, alcoholic strength segments, and on- and off-trade data.

This report on the wine market in Italy provides insights on volume changes, brand dynamics and market share by country of origin along-with changes in product propositions such as premiumisation and wine colour.

Using a unique method of analysis, each of the world's top 500 beer producers are individually assessed and ranked against each other and compared to industry averages.

This report provides background information about the burgeoning, increasingly mainstream organic industry in the US, looking at current and ongoing trends and issues.

A new report which analyses the structure of wine consumption in China by country of origin, colour, format and price point. It also details information needed when considering exporting to China, such as taxation, legal aspects and consumer profiles.

This report explains what is happening in the world's drinks market by region, by product category and in key trend-setting countries. It highlights hot brands, flavours or new styles of drinking that are likely to spread into neighbouring markets and internationally.

In a series of tables and charts, this report provides analysis on the overall travel retail trends by category, region, company and brand, highlighting the largest and fastest-growing sectors in each.

This report provides a top level overview of the Indian packaging industry and an analysis of the flexible plastic packaging segment in particular. It includes details of the top companies active in this sector.